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I tried a whole other whack of anti-depressants before trying Remeron and nothing. I mean, nothing worked for me. In fact, other anti-depressants made me more depressed. I mean seriously deeply darkly depressed but not Remeron. Remeron, honestly, is a dream medicine for me. It has improved my cat allergies by 80%, my sleep by 90% and my mood by 80%. It's amazing. However, it's true what they say about the munchies. I have to tell myself, almost nightly, that no, I don't need to get up and make a stack of pancakes at 11 pm. I have dreams about food, chocolate, donuts. It's pretty funny. The other side effect is my hands are swollen (edema), that side effect I'm not liking but we'll see how it goes. I've been on it for 2 months now.

[Image: vf00rnl3.jpg]

I was on Celexa then Zoloft for post traumatic stress disorder and they left me feeling like I was in the bottom of a well looking up. Mirtazapine makes me feel human again.

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